Austin College has installed an electric vehicle charging station. The charging station originated with a proposal from 2019 graduate Elizabeth Adams and a current graduate student in the college’s teacher program.

The EV charging station was approved by student assembly and purchased using Student Sustainability Funds.

The charging station will enable students and commuters to bring electric cars to campus. Because the college purchases wind-generated electricity, this helps further reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the campus community.

“I am a commuter, so having a charging station on campus means that I don’t have to take a few hours out of my day to drive to another charging station between classes,” Adams said.

Since 1997, Austin College has adopted some 30 student-initiated greening projects, including the upgrade of outdoor lighting to LED lamps that use less power, installation of low-flow shower heads in campus residences, and initiation of an annual residence hall energy saving competition.

In 2012, student Mark Hagge, Class of 2013, proposed that Student Assembly create a Student Sustainability Fund, approved by Student Assembly later that year. SSF monies come from student activity fees and are spent on student-initiated greening projects.