Denison residents will have a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders from both Denison Independent School District and Denison City Council as both bodies will be working together to conduct a joint meeting on Monday. The move is a combined effort to share information between the school district and the city in order to help better prepare for the growth the area has been facing.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall located at 300 West Main Street.

Representatives from both the Denison ISD school board and the city of Denison will be on hand to provide information to the public as well as solicit feedback from those present.

According to Denison Director of Community Engagement Sunny Mackey this is the first meeting of this type in recent history. She mentioned in an email the mayor will preside over the meeting with a combined agenda serving both entities.

“Denison has experienced steady growth over the past five years and this trend is expected to continue,” Denison Mayor Janet Gott said in a news release. “As we strive to make Denison a community of choice with an exceptional quality of life, it’s important that we collaborate with our partners at Denison ISD. Education is the hallmark of a quality community and we want to ensure we are working closely with Denison ISD as our community grows.”

There will be a sign up sheet for public comments.

“We are so fortunate to live in a community where the city and school district work closely and collaboratively to plan for the future,” Denison ISD Superintendent Henry Scott said. “These are exciting times in Denison with positive growth and prosperity happening every day. We have definitely seen growth in our schools over the last five years, and we expect more to come. Our job is to ensure the best possible outcomes in every sector of our community, and the only way to facilitate that is by working together. Our district’s architect and demographer will also be at the meeting on Monday to join in the collaboration. We’re very honored to be a part of team Denison.”

The topics on the agenda will cover regional and community growth, and the school district’s 10-year facility master plan.

“The growth has brought this about,” Scott said. “We just finished our 10-year master plan. We are getting ready to prepare a new plan. With the growth, it is natural to get with the city to see where things are going. It is good to hear from the city to see what their plans are. Our interest is to partner with the city to deal with this growth — to share information in demographics to see where we are.”

Scott said it is a “win-win” for the city and district to work in harmony. The meeting is structured so that both bodies will be in session at the same time. Citizens wishing to address the joint body will have the opportunity to do so following the presentations. Public comments are limited to three minutes each.

“We’re looking forward to it,” Scott said. “At this point in time, it is going to be very beneficial with all the growth we are seeing.”

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