The weather in Texoma is expected to take a turn for the dreary this Thanksgiving. Following Tuesday’s above-average high of 73 degrees, the National Weather Service expects a cold front to descend out of the Rocky Mountains and drop daytime temperatures by more than 20 degrees in just 24 hours.

“It’s going to be gray, wet and cold,” Meteorologist David Bonnette said Monday from the Fort Worth field office. “We’re looking at the mid to low 50s on Wednesday and Thursday and Thanksgiving will just be rainy this year.”

Overnight lows will hover in the low to mid 40s, but Bonnette said that’s only the first of the temperature swings to come this week.

“Especially during the fall and winter months, we see these warm-ups and then spells of cold,” Bonnette said. “I’d liken it to a roller coaster. This week, we’re going to go from warm on Tuesday to cold on Wednesday and Thursday. It’ll get hotter Friday and then cold again late into the weekend.”

An upper-level disturbance is forecast to arrive Wednesday evening on the heels of the cold front and create off-and-on rain chances of up to 80 percent on Thursday. An estimated one and a half to two inches of rain are likely to fall by the week’s end.

Temperatures will rebound back into the low 70s byFriday, but the presence of warm and unstable air may lead to some severe storm activity.

“Just be weather aware on Friday,” Bonnette said. “We’ll see an increasing chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon. There is potential for some severe weather, but at this point, we can’t be certain of the timing or the specific weather risks that will be associated with it.”

Saturday’s high will sit at 66 degrees under another, weaker cool front and a 30 percent chance for rain will persist. Overnight lows will drop to roughly 40 degrees and Sunday’s high will reach only 53 degrees, but sunny and still skies should make for pleasant conditions.

“It looks like great weather over the weekend,” Bonnette said.

Drew Smith is a reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at