Denison City Council recently received a report regarding the Denison Police Department’s share of funds obtained through police activity.

The report was on the equitable sharing agreement and certification that is required by the Department of Justice and Department of Treasury to audit the department’s forfeiture account.

Denison Police Chief Mike Gudgel said the agreement is a formality necessary to receive funds from the state. A separate process is required to receive federal money from investigations assisting the FBI.

“Every year we get awarded assets in reference to forfeitures we do on a state side and federal side,” Gudgel said. “There are certain stipulations on how the funds can be used. The state account can be used for any police needs — basically anything that can be related to a function of our job. Federal money cannot be used for weapons or armor — nothing you can buy for a swat team or weapons. That rule went into effect during the Obama administration. The money can be used for anything else.”

Gudgel said the total amount obtained in seizures is down for the 2019 fiscal year compared to the previous year. He also said the department’s manpower was down, and they didn’t receive as much federal money as they have in previous years.

Typical police seizures include items like vehicles, cars and drugs.

Gudgel said the department puts the money into a special fund that it uses for one time expenses. It does not go towards operating expenses or budgeted items. The funds are used for items like police gear or equipment, when applicable.