Denison will begin it’s $65K upgrade to the elevator at City Hall by the start of 2020.

The City Council approved the $64,982 contract with ThyssenKrupp to begin the work on upgrading the elevators at City Hall on Monday. The building, located at 300 West Main Street, had been occupied for a number of years by Bank of America as well as other banks prior to BOA.

The city moved into the building last year.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the elevator will continue to operate while the upgrades are being made.

“We identified the need when we upgraded into the new City Hall,” Rex said. “We didn’t have the funds at the time to do the work that was needed. It is original to the building.”

There will be a new power unit, shut off valve kit, new controller, front door and all the equipment that operates the car will be upgraded, Rex said.

According to documents submitted to the council, the upgrades will increase the elevator’s durability and reliability. The elevator has broken down numerous times requiring maintenance technicians to make repairs. The document states there have been 11 facility request tickets regarding the elevator since September of 2018.

“The modernization will include the elevator mechanical and electrical components being replaced, refurbished or retained,” the document reads. “This will increase the durability and reliability, improve fire and life safety features, decrease waiting times, reduce energy consumption, reduce operational cost and reduce troubleshooting time. The car of the elevator itself will not be replaced but it will have custom finish with new emergency lighting and paneling.”

The project was approved for the 2020 fiscal year budget.