Though Thanksgiving is not until next week, some local organizations are getting into the holiday spirit a little early with community meals offered on Saturday.

These meals are free and open to anyone who wants attend.

Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post 2772, 1707 Baker Road in Sherman.

Doors opens at noon to the public.

VFW Senior Vice Commander Monique Cooksey said they are ready to feed 400-500 people on Saturday, and they started their planning committees about three months ago.

“Everything is donated from the food to the labor to the service people so it takes quite a lot of planning,” she said. They plan to serve 12 turkeys, ten hams and 15 desserts plus all of the trimmings including veggies, cranberry sauce and rolls.

Volunteers are the key to the effort. They will be doing everything from the cooking to the prep work and rolling up cutlery for people to use on all of that wonderful food. Any left overs, she said will go to the Grayson Crisis Center so nothing goes to waste, and everything is a gift of love.

The hall generally hosts bingo games on twice a week, and patrons know that prior to the big Thanksgiving feast, they can get discounted cards by bringing in canned goods. Those items will be served on Saturday.

While the VFW Post hosts the dinner, Cooksey was quick to point out that they don’t do it alone. They get help from the United Steel Workers local union and two local American Legion chapters as well as countless volunteers.

Volunteers will still be accepted on Saturday. Doors will open for volunteers at 9 a.m. and volunteers will be fed at 11 a.m. Then the doors will open to the public at noon and food will be served until it is all gone.

“We had over 100 volunteers last year,” she said noting that while they certainly hope to feed the large local homeless veteran population, that group is not the only one that is welcomed.

Everyone and anyone, she said, is welcomed who wants a good meal and good company to celebrate the holiday season.

TNT in Denison, 410 N. Fannin Avenue in Denison.

Doors open to the public 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“God said feed his people,” Thomas Rucker said about why he is throwing this annual event again for the 43rd year.

“I try to be an obedient person,” he said.

Rucker said he anticipates 450-700 people will come to the dinner on Saturday. He said people will also be on hand to deliver meals to shut-ins.

He said 20-40 volunteers will start showing up at around 10 a.m., and they will open the doors to the public at 1 p.m.

“You get a rush right when you first open,” he said. “Then it slows down a bit and then the rush hits again. He said anticipates serving between 20 and 40 turkeys. Then there will be all of the fixings including green beans, creamed potatoes and corn. And their will be deserts.

Rucker said anyone who wants to come is invited, and they have put out brochures and notices all over the area.