TAPS Public Transit has a new home on Skyline Drive. The para-transit service recently announced that it has relocated from its former location on Texoma Parkway to a more efficient office near the intersection of Skyline and FM 1417.

The relocation marks one of several moves by the agency in recent years to properly size its fleet and facilities for its current level of operations. The move started at the end of October, but employees are still adjusting to the new offices, officials said Wednesday.

“This is going to create a savings for TAPS in both utilities and lease,” Transdev General Manager Josh Walker said, estimating that this will save TAPS about $40,000 annually.

The transit provider has utilized multiple facilities, but has used a building at 3400 Texoma Parkway as it main headquarters since about 2015. Prior to TAPS moving in to the building, it was previously owned and used by Victory Life Church.

Initially, the transit agency utilized all of the building, but downsized to the rear of the building following its financial issues in the fall of 2015. Still, the building proved to be more than what the agency needed at its current size.

“We had scared it back quite a bit, and it was still a lot of room for nine people essentially to office in,” Walker said.

Walker said the new location has about 1,500 square feet of space and is better sized for the TAPS of 2019. While it does not have a gated yard like its former Texoma Parkway location, Walker said this has allowed vehicles and drives to be based out of its shop in the 6100 block of Texoma.

“Maintenance staff are more readily available should there an issue that arises,” Walker said.