Denison Fire Rescue Chief Gregg Loyd presented a number of plaques of appreciation to those who responded to the downtown fire on Oct. 9 that shook the city's historic district.

Monday night at the start of the City Council meeting Loyd recalled the efforts of all the various agencies that answered the call to assist in fighting the fire that ravaged the 300 block of West Main leaving one building in ruins and two more scheduled to be demolished.

“Oct. 9 was a big day for us,” Loyd said. “I left the station rounded the corner and say coming across the street. I knew at that time we had a working fire in the heart of our community in the downtown area. I will tell you there isn't a fire chief breathing that doesn't hope he gets through his tenure if there is a historic downtown in his jurisdiction without a fire in that jurisdiction. Those fires come with many challenges. We saw many challenges that day.”

Representatives from the following agencies were recognized Monday at the city council meeting.

Atmos Energy, Bells Fire, Bonham Fire, Calera Fire, Durant Fire, Grayson County OEM, Grayson County Fire Marshals Office, Grayson County Sheriffs Office, Gunter Fire, Howe Fire, LifeNet, INC, NTRA Airport Fire, Oncor, Pottsboro Fire, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Sherman Fire and Denison city staff.

“On October 9, 2019 our path on the 300 block of Main Street changed,” Denison Mayor Janet Gott said. “We saw the very best of our community and our Texoma region emerge. We are so grateful for all who came out to our aid. Our citizens of our community, our organizations of our community, our surrounding community and our mutual aid.”

Following the meeting Loyd presented members from those organizations with plaques showing appreciation for the response from that fateful day.

Loyd said the response from mutual aid partners was not unexpected but the depth and compassion that came from that response he said was awe inspiring.

“Far too many people rendered that aid for us to keep up with it in the midst of the chaos of that fire,” Loyd said. “To the churches, the business owners, citizens of Grayson County and Denison the fire departments that responded, it was truly amazing the amount of effort they gave and the support they gave us in that time of need and continue to do today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one that responded to our call for aid that day. Without your commitment and efforts and all you did for us there is no way we could have made it through that day the way we did.”