North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field will soon have new leadership at the helm. Members of the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority voted to move forward with a professional services agreement with Rise Aviation for the management of the airport.

Under this agreement, Rise Aviation Vice President and General Manager Mike Livezey will serve as interim airport manager for NTRA. Rise Aviation currently serves as the fixed-based operator for the airport and provides services for pilots at the site.

“Mike Lizezey has all the experience in the world and has has marketing experience,” GCRMA Board Chairman Robert Brady said Thursday. “I don’t think you can go find anybody that has the kind of experience he has.”

Livezey will be taking over the management position from former airport manager Bob Torti, who left the position earlier this year following extended illness. Torti first joined NTRA in March 2018 following the resignation of former manager Sarah Hinton.

This will make Livezey the third airport manager over NTRA since the departure of Mike Shahan, who filled the role for 16 years from 1999-2015.

“We appreciate what he (Torti) did and have been working well for us for a while now,” Brady said. “It was just a good time for him.”

Livezey stepped into the interim role in September, but the RMA is just not finalizing an agreement for the service.

Brady said that the professional services agreement is similar to a management agreement that was put in place with Texas Aviation Partners, who previously managed and provided marketing for NTRA. The agreement will last for two years with both parties able to back out with 30 days notice. Following the end of the agreement, Brady said airport leaders would evaluate the contract and decide where to go moving forward.

Given Rise Aviation’s role at the airport, Brady said the board discussed the potential for conflicts of interest with the agreement. However, he said he felt that the types of issues could be resolved with the leadership and oversight of the RMA board.

As an example, the board would be able to determine a proper resolution for a tenant who was considering renting hangar space from either the airport itself or Rise Aviation.

“We feel the RMA board has the ability to resolve any conflicts if and when they arise,” he said. “Our goals and objectives align pretty much right now the middle.”

The details of the agreement have not been finalized, but Brady said he expects to have it complete soon.