A new brewery is looking to begin operating in downtown Denison next year.

The business was granted a zone change from commercial to central area by the Denison Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday in order to allow for the manufacturing of alcohol on the premises.

Jason Fulencheck, one of the partners in the operation, said there are still quite a few details that need to be locked down, but he was drawn to the building at 111 S. Fannin Street because of the history around it.

He said the building is more than 120 years old.

“We like Denison,” Fulenchek said. “We really think it is growing so this is a good opportunity. We like the people and the community here. We would like to try to make a beer for them. This is our first start-up brewery. We all share a love for craft beer. We’re all very passionate about quality.”

The building, between Chestnut and Main Street, sits along Music Alley, and the zoning request was necessary in order to allow the business to operate without the need for a special-use permit.

Denison City Planner Bill Medina presented the zoning request to the commission.

“The block it sits on is currently zones commercial,” Medina said. “We are recommending it be zoned central area to promote growth in our downtown area to attract new businesses. His intention is building a micro pub or brewer at this location.”

Medina said he was under the impression there would be a tasting or tap room area on location. The rest of the building would be used for brewing.