A little over a month after a fire displaced 2 Chicks Home and Market, the business has reopened at a temporary location on Main Street.

Elsie Russell said she is excited for the opportunity to get back to business but this time at 421 West Main Street.

“A little over a month and we were able to pull this off with quite the village that came down and helped me,” Russell said. “I am glad to be back opening up and have a spot for the holidays for all of our con-signers and all of our vendors that needed a spot to land. We absorbed some of My Friends House at 313. Their building was really affected by the fire — more so than ours was. We invited any of their con-signers and artisans that wanted to come in so we had about four or five that came in. We have a much smaller space but it is cozy and turn out really good.”

It took more acts of kindness than she could list to bring 2 Chicks business back together, Russell said.

As the fire burned, Russell’s first thought was about her business. She said things changed quickly, and it wasn’t until the next day when she discovered the extent of the damage.

Russell is planning on getting back into her building at 311 West Main as soon as it is safe to do so.

“I am going to hang with my peeps in the 400 block until the building is renovated down there,” Russell said. “That is kind of home for me. We’re in a smaller location here. When we get back in our space we’re going to have a much larger workshop area in the back to open it up to people.”

The building 2 Chicks is currently in will be temporary as it is for sale.

“It feels amazing to be back,” Russell said. “The feedback from everybody walking into the door has made it all worth it. We’ve really had a great response. It feels good. Main Street is my second home.”

The business will have its grand re-opening on Saturday.

Nearly 50 vendors had to relocate or lost product as a result of the fire. One vendor Alice Waterman, owner of L’ Essence, said she was happy to see things getting back to normal in time for the holidays.

“It is a fabulous space,” Waterman said. “She (Elsie) has done such a beautiful job. I like it a lot. It is very different from where we were, but it is perfect.”

Waterman said it was fortunate that she had sold out of her inventory before the fire. Now, she is ready to get back to selling again and was excited to see the community response at the ribbon cutting Thursday.

Her husband makes glass art that he sells at the business. He gets glass that is made in Portland, Oregon and then melts it and shapes it into art he sells.

Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow said it was exciting.

“She (Elsie) has some exciting plans,” Dow said. “She is making this a positive thing because of her situation. She is regrouping and changing gears. It is going to be better than ever. We’re really excited for her. There was a lot of coordination and a lot of people working in the same direction. We’re all on the same team. I am pleased with that and proud of that.

Denison Development Alliance Vice President William Myers said it was exciting to see the business reopen in time for the valuable holiday shopping season.

“This is one of the biggest ribbon cuttings that I have seen,” Myers said. “I believe everyone is excited. It is a little over a month, and they made it past this challenge. It took a lot of people to help them. There was a lot of hard work — people helping. Main Street came together. It’s terrific. The whole city came together to see if they could get them back in their original place as that was not a quick term solution. We helped them, and Main Street helped them find a new location. This is terrific to over come something so devastating.”

Richard A. Todd is the Denison area reporter. He can be reached by sending an email to rtodd@heralddemocrat.com. He can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter @RichardAToddHD.