If you’re driving in Grayson County, there’s a good chance you’re sharing the road with more than a few pickups — or maybe you’re even driving one yourself.

“Trucks, in this area, are by far the best-selling vehicle around,” says Jamie Gladen, sales manager of Bob Utter Ford, Lincoln and Kia.

Car and Driver’s list of America’s 25 best-selling vehicles in 2018 was topped by pickups, with the Ford F-150 taking the No.1 spot and selling more than 900,000 units. The Chevrolet Silverado took No.2, with 585,000 units sold, and the Dodge Ram came in at No. 3, with 536,000 units purchased. The F-150 has remained the nation’s best selling vehicle for more than 42 years.

Gladen says pickups provide Texans the utility they need with the upscale features and comforts they want.

“It’s Texas. We haul a lot of stuff. There’s farms, there’s ranches. It’s just a necessity for most people,” says Gladen. “Pickups, over time, have become more than a pickup. They’re a luxury vehicle inside. From the middle-of-the-road trim level all the way to the highest.”

While the Ram 1500 came in third on Car and Driver’s list of bestsellers, it was named the Texas Motor Press Association’s 2019 Texas Truck of the Year.

“It’s a great value in all trim levels and has an interior design that is head and shoulders above the competition,” says TMPA President Mike Herzing.

Truck makers also cater specifically to Texans with high-end, state-specific models. Ford produces the F-series in a King Ranch Edition, Chevy makes the Silverado Texas Edition, Ram offers a Lone Star Edition and Toyota’s 1794 edition of the Tundra pays homage to its Texas roots. The vehicles offer a variety of upgrades, from chrome accents and larger wheels to extra-plush interiors and even cow-skin accents.

When it comes to sales, full-size trucks take the top spots, but Gladen says mid-size pickups are also becoming more popular.

“It’s been a big segment of the pickup market in recent years, with the Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and GMC Canyon, and Ford has come back with the Ranger. They’re a smaller scale, but still have that pickup bed and the utility with the availability of four full-size doors.”

Gladen says SUV’s remain the second-most popular type of vehicles sold in the area and they, too, offer a wide array of options — from crossovers to compacts to full-size models. Relatively cheap gas prices and strong safety ratings have kept SUV sales high across the country in recent years, but the pickup holds it’s own in those categories, too, and remains the vehicular king in Texas and across Texoma.

“The safety features continue to improve, the technology continues to improve, and there are plenty of incentives that make it a great time to buy,” says Gladen.