For the last month, residents of Denison have been recovering from a fire that devastated the city’s historic downtown district. Even with things starting to return to normal for some, there continues to be a long way to go for others.

A little after 10 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 9 a fire was reported on Main Street in Denison.

After the initial call and responses from several area fire departments, Denison was left with three buildings in extreme disrepair.

Monday the city council authorized the complete demolition of 317, 319 and 321 West Main Street.

Other businesses have been displaced either due to the damage to the structures, or in some cases the smoke and water damage caused by the aftermath and clean up. Three families, who were living in the lofts above one of the buildings, have lost their homes.

In that time, the community has rallied around those the fire impacted, either directly or indirectly.

The photos show a timeline of events that have taken place since that terrible morning: