Sherman diners will have to wait a little longer than expected to order their Grand Slam, Super Bird and Sizzlin’ Skillets. Developers for a Denny’s franchisee said that development of a new Sherman location is going slower than expected.

Earlier this year, representatives for the franchisee Syed Ahmad confirmed that he planned to open a Denny’s location at the corner of U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 75 in the former El Chico building. However, representatives said this week that there is not a set timetable for the project.

“Everything has just moved a lot slower with the particular transaction than his (Ahmad’s) other ones,” said JD Gonzales, who helped broker the deal for the former Mexican restaurant building. “He wants to make sure everything is right in Sherman so things are taking longer.”

Developers for the project initially anticipated that the restaurant would open its doors as a Denny’s in September or October. However, they announced in mid-summer that architectural plans set back the timetable to some time in November or December.

Gonzales said the current setbacks relate to the design that will be used for the Sherman location. Partway through the design phase, developers changed plans and went with another proposed design for the site.

“Basically what I think is going on is, based on what he (Ahmad) told me was the drawings were done and then they decided that they wanted to change how the model looks and changed the design,” he said.

Denny’s previously operated a Sherman location along Texoma Parkway in what is now Sweetberries Café. However, the diner-style restaurant chain effectively left the Sherman market more than a decade ago when it closed the long-time location.

With its second entry into the Texoma market, Denny’s plans to open shop along the intersection of U.S. Hwy 75 and Hwy. 82 in what was once Sherman’s El Chico location that suddenly closed its doors for good in mid-2018.

Gonzales previously said the franchisee saw potential in the market, especially at the corner of two major highways. The existing facility also was a bonus as it would be significantly more expensive to build a new building than to buy an existing property.

“The Sherman-Denison market is a very lucrative market for Denny’s,” he said in July. “We have no presence now, but I feel the market is a good fit from a customer standpoint.”

Gonzales said the project has already been put out for bid and Ahmad is waiting for proposals to come in before construction can begin. The project still needs to go through the city and acquire the necessary permits as well.

Still, the project is moving forward.

“We are coming,” Gonzalez said. “We are working on it, and we are going to get it done.”