The cooler weather can only mean that the giving season is about to begin, and things are already in full swing over at the Salvation Army of Sherman.

Major Tex Ellis said there are a more people needing assistance with holiday provisions this year. In fact, the need for the assistance provided by the Salvation Army in Sherman is up across the board.

“We did see more total families,” he said.

As the population of the county continues to grow, so does the group of people who need help with things like groceries and other assistance. Ellis said he didn’t know an exact number of people who had registered for help with Christmas, but it is well over 350 families.

“We are still confirming locations,” Ellis said of the Angel Trees. He added that, as of this week, the trees will be at the Wal-Mart stores in Sherman and in Denison and in the Denison Public Library.

They expect to have more locations as the season nears.

The last day to turn the purchased items back in at the Salvation Army is Dec. 13, and Ellis said he is a little concerned about the fact that there are fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

“Just for getting everything back on time and then getting it organized and having it ready to go out,” he said. But, this isn’t the first year the calendar has caused such a compressed season, so they are ready to go forward.

“We just really need the community to get it back in to us so we can get it ready,” Ellis said.

Just what people choose to give is up to them, he said.

When a person takes an angel off the tree, Ellis said they will notice that there are a number of gifts listed there. There are sizes for clothing. There is space for a need to be listed and then the child’s Christmas wish for a toy is listed. Ideally, he said people who take an angel will return it with all of those things purchased. If that isn’t possible, Ellis said sometimes families or groups of people join together to make sure all of the items on the angel are purchased. If an angel does come back missing one of the items, the Salvation Army can pull a gift from the toy drive or use donations to purchase the need or clothing item.

The Salvation Army helps with gifts for children from birth through 12 years old.

“That 10-12-year-old group is the one that we usually need more than we can typically get,” he said.