Residents who live outside city limits but receive water from the city of Denison could see a larger water bill in the future.The City Council approved a clarification to the city’s ordinance regarding water rates of residences at its meeting Monday evening.

The clarification regarding the location of meters states that residents outside city limits will be charged double the water and sewer rate as those inside city limits.

City Manager Judson Rex said there have been issues regarding meters that fall inside city limits while the property is outside the city limits. He said this often happens when a house is built near a roadway and the meter is placed closer to the road putting it in city limits while the house would be built on a portion of the property that extends beyond the city limits.

In those instances, the new rule will state the residence or house that receives the water will be used to determine the water rate, not the placement of the meter.

The changes will not be retroactive, and Rex said the changes will not affect anyone currently receiving water until the account changes hands. If a house is sold and a new person gets water service from the city, then the new rule will go into effect at that time. The change will go into effect immediately for all new construction.

To his knowledge, Rex said the ordinance change will only affect a handful of residences and does not impact any businesses.