As early voting ends in Grayson County, election officials have turned their attention to election day polling which will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday various polling sites across the county.

Grayson County Election Administrator Deane Patterson said there are a few things to remember on election day. She said while mistakes are rare, they do happen.

Here are five things to keep in mind ahead of election day.

1. Be aware of your ballot

She said the majority of mistakes occur because someone failed to properly update something on their registration. Make sure your address is current on your registration to ensure you get the right ballots at the polling place.

2. Double check identification

When checking into a polling place, it is important to ensure the correct spelling of names.

If an election worker hands a person the wrong ballot or marks off the wrong name, it needs to be brought to the attention of the election judge at that site immediately. She said sometimes people have similar names. There might be more than one John Smith, for example. So, it is important to verify everything.

3. Read the ballot carefully

The Herald Democrat received a call from a voter who said he was given the wrong ballot, but it was caught when the individual noticed something on the ballot that was out of place. Once the election official was notified, it was corrected.

Patterson said these things are very rare but because humans are involved in the process, mistakes will be made.

4. Act swiftly

While some mistakes are unavoidable on site, they are much harder to correct down the road.

Patterson said it is important to report any discrepancies immediately to the authorities to ensure it is corrected properly.

5. Find a convenient voting location

Patterson said there are 22 voting locations in the county. She said voters from any district in the county can cast their ballot at any of those locations to ensure the greatest convenience to the voters.

Voters can cast their ballot at any of the following locations:

Bells City Hall, 203 South Broadway, Bells;

Collinsville Community Building, 117 North Main, Bells;

Grayson College Baptist Student Ministry, 6101 Grayson Dr., Denison;

Grayson County Sub-courthouse, Denison, 101 West Woodard;

Parkside Baptist Church, south entrance, 301 North Lillis Lane, Denison;

South side Baptist Church, 2500 South Park, Denison;

First Baptist church, gym, 187 Gordonville Road, Gordonville;

First Baptist Church, 99 Gentle Creek Lane, Gunter;

Howe Community Center, 700 West Haning, Howe;

Pottsboro ISD Administration Building Board Meeting Room, 105 Cardinal Lake, Pottsboro;

Sadler Baptist Church, 419 South Main, Sadler;

Election Administration Building, 115 West Houston, Sherman;

Faith Church, west entrance, 1800 North FM 1417, Sherman;

Luella First Baptist Church, south entrance, 3162 Highway 11, Sherman;

Municipal Building, ballroom, 405 North Rusk, Sherman;

Texoma Council of Governments, Eisenhower Room, 1117 Gallagher Drive, Sherman;

United Way of Grayson County, 713 East Brockett Sherman;

Tioga Fire Department meeting room, 601 East Main Street Tioga;

First National Bank, Edwards Community Room, 109 South Britton, Tom Bean;

Grayson College South Campus, main entrance, 1455 West Van Alstyne Parkway, Van Alstyne;

Whitesboro City Hall, 111 West Main, Whitesboro;

Church of Christ, fellowship hall, 606 South Carter, Whitewright.