Hoping to fill more than 100 cracks, Sherman has planned a series of extensive repairs to The Splash ahead of the 2020 pool season. City officials estimate that the project could cost about $125,000, but bids have yet to come in for the project.

City Council authorized staff to move forward with requesting bids for the repair project.

“We are looking at sandblasting all parts, repairing the cracks and repainting the pool,” Parks and Recreation Manager Theresa Hutchinson said Monday.

The push to resurface the pool comes following a leak detection study in early 2018. The study discovered more than 100 individual cracks in the surface of the pool, which has been in service since the 1960s.

“Some of them are hard to see and notice,” she said. “Others are pretty visible.”

The accumulation of cracks resulted in the pool losing thousands of gallons of water each day over the past summer, resulting in about three inches of loss to the pool each day. By comparison, the pool can hold about 335,000 gallons in total, Hutchinson said.

Outside of renovations to the pool in 2007, this is the first time the pool has required repairs in the 20 years Hutchinson has worked with the city, she said.

Once the contractor has been hired, the repairs should take about six to eight weeks to complete. However, that is dependant upon good weather. The paint used for the work is temperature sensitive, and the spring months should be warm enough for the paint to cure.

In addition to the repairs to the pool surface, Hutchinson has planned maintenance on the pool’s slides. Aside from that, no other major renovations or projects are projected for the year.

City Council Member Shawn Teamann asked if it would be possible to instead surface the pool with plaster for durability. Hutchinson said that had not been discussed, but the plaster surface would require that the pool remain filled year round.