A new 12-unit townhouse neighborhood is coming to Denison between U.S. Highway 75 and West Crawford Street. City Planner Bill Medina said the section of land needed to be rezoned to planned development in order for the project to move forward due to the adjacent FEMA flood plane.

The City Council approved a zoning change that would make way for the development to begin construction.

“One of the reasons we are having to go down the planned development route instead of single family for duplexes is the topography,” Medina said.

The planned development ordinance allows the developer to proceed with a reduced setback requirement. Medina also mentioned that the planned development is set to be in the highway overlay district, and there were some stone masonry requirements the developer wanted to avoid.

“We came across this tract of land in June,” Developer Drew Landrum said. “We kind of had an idea what we wanted to do. We had some challenges regarding topography and zoning. Once we made our offer on the property we worked with Bill Medina closely to develop something that matched our vision. We looked at the 2018 plan that defined this type of housing as lacking representation in Denison. We really think it is aesthetically pleasing and is functional. It will maximize the use of the tract of land that has been vacant for a while due to those challenges. “

There will be a total of 12 units between the six buildings. There will be a smaller 1,100 square foot unit and a larger 1,400 square foot unit. Each unit will have it’s own parking garage.

Landrum said there will be sidewalks along Lillis Lane and Crawford Street.

“Overall we’re really excited about it,” he said. “We think it is going to be a great for residents and its going to be a marketable property in Denison.”

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