Denison is planning on spending approximately $22 million on street projects over the next five years on street projects. The plans were heavily talked about during the first town hall hosted by the city Thursday.

Road improvements were also discussed this past summer during budget talks.

Here are five things to know about the city’s street projects based on recent discussions.

1. Main Street renovation project

Motorists and pedestrians alike will need to adjust their plans when visiting Denison’s Main Street in the coming months. The central focus of Denison’s road improvement projects is going to be a multi-year, multi-phase complete overhaul of the city’s Main Street.

The first phase of what the city officials refer to as Designing Downtown Denison is tentatively set to begin in the spring of 2020. The city’s Main Street department has been working on getting information packets out to all the business owners on how to prepare their respective businesses for the pending renovations. There will be utilities replaced, sidewalks redone and the alleys will be repaved all while the main road itself will be completely torn away and relaid.

2. Sears Street improvements

The City council recently approved a $168,264 bid to begin making repairs to 250 feet of curb and drainage along Sears Street. It represents one of the smaller, short term projects the city is working on along side several long term, multi-year projects.

3. Five road focus for 2020

Flora Lane, Loy Lake Road, Waterloo Lake Drive, Crawford Street and Edwards Drive are the primary streets the city is looking to work on during 2020. The city is looking to improve the curbs and drainage of the roads along with improving the sidewalks along some parts.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex had called these roads a priority due to the traffic related to the Denison Independent School District.

4. TxDOT projects around town

A few projects either on the outskirts of the city or just outside city limits that are being handled by the Texas Department of Transportation are already going on. The major project taking place right now is the widening of FM 691 from two lanes to four lanes between U.S. Highway 75 and the intersection of Loy Lake Road and FM 131.

In the same area, there is a ramp reversal taking place at the U.S. Highway 75 and Spur 503 intersections. This project is set to improve the flow of traffic at the intersection once completed.

5. Capital improvements manager

With all of the projects taking place the City Council authorized the creation of a new capital improvements manager to coordinate water, sewer, utility and street projects. The position was created with the passage of the budget that went into effect Oct. 1. The city has yet to hire a person for the position.

What are some road projects you think the city should consider next? Let Denison area reporter Richard A. Todd know by sending email to He can also be reached on Facebook and Twitter @RichardAToddHD.