Hoping to improve leadership, discipline and the education each school provides, educators and administrators from all Sherman Independent School District campuses presented plans this week. Principals met with members of the school board to discuss goals and how each campus will pursue them as a part of the district and campus improvement plan.

As a part of Tuesday night's school board meeting, administrators and members of the board held a workshop allowing them to speak directly to the principals of each school to see where they will focus their efforts over the next year.

“The campus improvement plans and district improvement plans guide what happens in the schools,” said Susan Whitenack, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction. “Each campus is required to create a campus improvement plan as we are required to create district improvement goals.

Despite the differences on each campus and individual cultures, Whitenack said all of the schools have three goals in common. Each campus improvement plan has a component related to literacy, leadership and staff development and discipline.

The topic of discipline was previously discussed during its own workshop during the September board meeting.

Among the activities and goals for multiple campuses is a focus on enrichment groups and activities. These groups include educational opportunities that extend beyond the traditional classroom.

Washington Elementary Principal Amy Pesina said she was excited to have new students taking part in activities like the 4-H club.

“It is exciting to see the 18 kids about to be inducted into the local chapter,” she said.

Wakefield ElementaryPrincipal Eartha Linson said her school will have several clubs active this year including music and art theory, chess and robotics. Through these clubs, both principals said programs will give students some relief from the daily pressures of school while still reinforcing education.

A major focus on the Piner Middle School campus this year will be put on literacy as each course will incorporate it in the lesson plan multiple times per week.

“We want to ensure every classroom has a focus on reading strategies,” Principal Amy Porter said. “A lot of our students come to our campus reading below grade level.”

Porter said that it isn't difficult to incorporate reading in a variety of courses. As an example, career tech students could be asked to read an article on a topic and write a response. As a part of the recent open house, music students were asked to write about a composer.

Whitenack said the plans should be online to view within a week, and administrators will regular review and adjust activities throughout the fall and into 2020.