One of Sherman’s wells will hopefully be back in production within the next 30 days following an apparent lightning strike in September. The cost to repair the well is $150,000 which the City Council voted earlier this month to approved $150,000.

The money will go towards emergency repairs.

“We assume it was a lightning strike that caused the damage to the motor and the well,” Sherman Director of Utilities Mark Gibson said. “The motor was significantly damaged, the wiring was damaged and the power line to the well was completely burned out in two places.”

The incident occurred at the city’s Dorchester 10 Trinity Well, located near the intersection of State Highway 289 and FM 902 some time around Sept. 18. Gibson said there were storms that day lending credence to the lightning strike theory.

It isn’t unheard of for wells to be struck by lightning.

Gibson said he has seen it occur several times during his tenure with the city, but couldn’t recall the last time this occurred. Despite being relatively low to the ground, the metal construction of the well can make it attractive to lightning, he added.

Following a review of the equipment, it was recommended that the well will need to have its pump and motor replaced. During the downtime, the city has ramped up production at its other wells to make up for the loss of one of its highest producing water wells.

“It is a significant loss, but we can make it up with the other wells,” Gibson said. “But we don’t want to take to long to get it back into service.”

Weisinger Incorporated has been contracted to conduct the repairs as quickly as possible. Officials said that there could be some savings on the project as insurance and warranties are expected to reduce the expense.