Sherman plans to invest nearly $2.9 million in relocating a waterline along FM 1417. The City Council recently approved the purchase of bonds the project during the first meeting of October.

The project will see nearly 6,800 feet of waterline relocated by about 15 feet to move it from the right of way and out of the ongoing construction.

“This is part of the FM 1417 expansion,” Sherman Director of Engineering Clint Philpott said. “There is a 20-inch waterline that runs down the west side of that road. Unfortunately, a large portion of that line has to be relocated as a part of the project.”

Sherman Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said the project will cover multiple spans of the water line and not a continuous piece.

Despite the project coming at the request of the Texas Department of Transportation, Strauch said the city will be responsible for financing the project as it sits within the road’s right of way. This marks the second water line relocation project requested in recent months following a similar project at the intersection of U.S. Highway 75 and Center Street.

City officials authorized staff to put out a request for proposals in late August for the Center Street relocation project. This project is a related to a nearly $161 million series of projects aimed at improving U.S. 75 to interstate standards and restructuring the approaches at the intersection of the highway and U.S. Highway 82.

The city received 5 bids in response to the FM 1417 project, with Raymond James & Associates submitting the lowest and winning bid with a 20-year, 2.51 percent fixed-rate bond. The bids are expected to close on Oct. 29.