More than 80 unclaimed and seized vehicles will be auctioned off by the Sherman Police Department Oct. 30.

The first auction will be held at 9 a.m. at Bob Utter Ford, located at 4026 Texoma Parkway, and the second auction will begin at 10 a.m. at Motor Masters, located at 520 W. Houston Street.

“These are cars that have been towed and stored by the city of Sherman, whether they’re no-insurance tows, or cars that have been towed after arrest,” Sgt. Brett Mullen said. “If all the notices, by law, are made, the applicable time frame to claim them has lapsed and no one comes forward to claim them, they are deemed abandoned and auctioned off.”

A notice and list of vehicles slated for sale is available on the Sherman Police Department’s website.

Sales will be awarded to the highest bidder. Participants must bring a valid from of identification, such as a driver’s license. Owners and lien holders who wish to reclaim a vehicle prior to auction must pay all towing and storage fees incurred by SPD by Oct. 21.

For additional information, visit the Sherman Police Department’s website and select the “notice of sale — abandoned vehicles” tab.

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