The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office alerted the public to a potential scam after they were notified of a person who reportedly went door-to-door in Whitesboro falsely claiming to be fundraising for Women Rock, Inc.

The incident happened over the weekend, GSCO said.

In a social media post published Saturday, Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt said a man had reportedly knocked on doors in Whitesboro saying he was seeking donations for the area nonprofit organization that focuses on breast-cancer awareness.

Women Rock also took to social media this weekend saying multiple people had gone around Princeton making similar, untrue claims. Neither the Sheriff’s Office or Women Rock were available for comment Monday.

“Women Rock does not solicit door-to-door,” Women Rock said in its Facebook posts Sunday. “Please be aware if someone comes to your door soliciting, get a description and call local law enforcement.”

The reported impersonations come during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month which runs through the end of October.

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