Denison reaffirmed its partnership with the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce Monday night. The City Council agreed to renew the partnership with the chamber to help promote tourism in the city.

“It is a great partnership we have with the chamber to help promote and market Denison,” Denison City Manager Jud Rex said. “They do a lot to attract people to the city and we’re glad to have a strong partnership with them.”

This is a standard agreement the city renews every year.

Rex said, the city uses some of its hotel and occupancy tax dollars to provide space for the chamber to house marketing and tourism materials at its visitor center. The chamber also helps the city out with mailing out packets as well as taking phone calls from visitors to Denison.

According to document presented to the city, the previous contract had allowed for the chamber to use up to $9,000 a month through the cities hotel occupancy tax. The city has since created the position of Marketing and Tourism Coordinator bringing that department under the city. Under the terms of the new contract the city will pay the chamber $30,000 a year from hotel occupancy tax revenues to host the visitor center in the chambers facility, to be paid $2,500 monthly. The funds are to provide space for tourism related materials, to help prepare and mail visitor guides, greet tourists and answer inquiries related to tourism.

Under the agreement the chamber will cover the costs to mail packets and visitor guides as requested. The chamber is expected to prepare an invoice of each month’s services by the 10th of each month. The chamber is also expected to keep records of all visitors, mailings and calls received while making that information available to the city.

Dension Area Chamber of Commerce President Diana Theall said the chamber is looking forward to continuing to partner with the city to promote tourism.

“We’re doing our best to help promote tourism,” Theall said. “We have a great community in Denison and we have a great relationship with the city.”

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