Tim Tadlock and Bill Brock will become the first inductees into the Grayson College Athletic Hall of Fame.

The men will be inducted into the Grayson College Hall of Fame at the Hilton Garden Inn on Nov. 8 at a dinner the college will host for its inaugural induction group.

The two men were selected because to their celebrated careers. Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen said they set the bar so high it will motivate others to seek excellence.

“We’re proud to announce two outstanding members of our athletic program,” McMillen said. “I asked the athletic director and our foundation director — I said we’d like to honor those that have contributed to our athletic program so we created a hall of fame. We put it over to them to create a process to bring candidates to the front. The two they brought forward were outstanding candidates who did a lot for our campus. They continue to contribute to college athletics today.”

Tadlock is the head coach for the Texas Tech University men’s baseball team. He coached four seasons at Hill College as an assistant coach before becoming the head coach for Grayson College. During his time as coach, he led the Vikings to back-to-back National Junior College Athletic Association World Series titles in 1999 and 2000. He was also named National Coach of the Year.

Brock is currently the Women’s Basketball Associate Associate Coach for Baylor University. Brock was head coach at Grayson College for 13 seasons. He helped establish the program in its early years and led the Lady Vikings to the team’s first Northern Texas Conference title resulting in a top 25 national ranking.

The team went on to win 10 conference championships, two regional titles and competed in two national tournaments. He helped the team become a top 10 team in the national poll. He has been head coach over 10 Northern Texas Conference Most Valuable Players and nine of his athletes have earned All-American honors.

Randy Truxal, Executive Director of Grayson College Foundation, also spoke at Wednesday’s hall of fame announcement event.

“These two nominees were so heads and shoulders above everybody else it was almost a no-brainer,” Truxal said. “They are two coaches that have a lot of influence. We will have a criteria put together for more nominees as the years go by. The president noticed other colleges have a hall of fame and when he asked us to do it, we said it was time. We have the players to do that.”

Grayson College Head Baseball Coach Dusty Hart thinks the inaugural group is awesome.

“The whole success of the baseball program was pretty much the foundation laid by Tadlock,” Hart said. “He was the second head coach in the history of the program. He came in that fall the first year we competed. He immediately, two years later, was in the World Series. They had national champions. There was a lot of success we get to build on today.”

Hart said Tadlock set the bar high which is what being a player at GC is all about. Hart was a player and assistant coach under Tadlock, and that helped Hart aspire to follow in his footsteps.

Grayson College Head Basketball Coach Bill Damuth said recognition is very important for the motivation of future athletes.

“We’re recognizing the great foundation that was built here,” Damuth said. “We wouldn’t be able to do today what we do without those people doing what they did. Bill Brock used to come up here and play. I always had great respect for him he is a great guy. He helped build up the program with no history.”

Damuth said Brocks success was in his skill as a recruiter, and he was good at seeking out talent.

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