Grayson County commissioners declared this week to be National 4-H Week in the county on Tuesday. The proclamation drew praise from Commissioner Bart Lawrence, of Precinct 4, who grew up in the program, and support from the rest of the court.

4-H Agent Tamra McGaughy told the court all about the many programs available in Grayson County to those who want to participate in 4-H.

“It’s a great program,” Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said as the group stood before the court.

“We’re honored today to have part of our county council here,” McGaughy said.

“These fine young folks are serving on a county level as well as their local club level and we actually have one district officer with us as well,” she said of Cassady Craddock, Bethany Martine and Hannah Murphy who stood with her in front of commissioners.

McGaughy was also able to bring the commissioners a copy of “Clover Connection:Welcome to the Green Side,”a magazine that tells about the programs offered in Grayson County.

Five pillars of 4-H: Agriculture and livestock, Family and community health, and natural resources, leadership and citizenship and stems science.

“We have this year nine campuses within Sherman and Denison that have formed stem clubs,” she said. Those clubs will be made up of 80 members who will all take part in robotics projects.

“We are very excited and we appreciate your support,” she said.

Lawrence said they didn’t have robotics back when he was in the program, but he took part in tractor training.

The new program assistant Kelly Price is already working with some hatchlings.

“We have baby chicks down in the office,” McGaughy said. “We are also teaching Texas History and Ancient Egypt right now,” McGaughy said.

Murhphy, a 5th grader at Texoma Christian School, Martine, a junior at Gunter High and Craddock, a senior at Gunter High didn’t talk during the presentation but took a minute just after to talk about the experience.

“It was pretty cool. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Craddock said. “It was really fast paced so it was really hard to keep up but it was really cool to see our county politics in action and see how thorough they were being.”

Martine said 4-H offers youngsters lots of programs to choose from and different ways to be involved in their communities. And Murphy said she has enjoyed doing the food challenge and photography so people shouldn’t rule 4-H out as an option for activity just because they might not be interested in agriculture or livestock. There are lots of other ways to participate in 4-H.

For more information on becoming a part of 4-H in Grayson County, contact McGaughy at 903-813-4201 or email her at or go to HTTPS://GRAYSON.AGRILIFE.ORG