Denison Fire Rescue will soon be receiving a $36,233.63 grant from the federal government to provide physical exams and health screenings.

Denison City Manager Jud Rex said the city will provide a matching 10 percent of the grant to help the department qualify for the funds. The city’s portion is $3,623.37 to be approved by the City Council.

Denison Fire Rescue applied for the 2018 assistance to firefighters grant. The department will use the funds to ensure firefighters health and safety by providing physical exams and health screenings as required by the National Fire Protection Association.

The screenings will combine several tests ranging from fitness evaluations to respiratory medical clearance and mask fit testing. Other medical exams will include early detection for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and aneurysms.

The department will contract with an established company to provide exams on site with all the equipment and materials to conduct the screening. There will also be cancer screening that involves and ultrasound and a scan of 17 organs.

The $3,623.37 will come directly out of the department’s budget.

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