With fall approaching, the weather will be changing soon. Even during the fall, there is continued interest in spending time at Lake Texoma.

U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers Assistant Lake Manager Tommy Holder said the biggest thing people need to watch out for going into the fall is the cooler temperatures. Between the cooler air and the colder temperature in the water, people visiting the lake will be more at risk for hypothermia.

Holder said the American Bald Eagles will migrate into the area in the fall which does attract tourists.

Executive Director of Lake Texoma Association Brandi Burkhalter offered some suggestions for those seeking to spend time at the lake during the fall season.

Here are 5 things to know about Lake Texoma in the fall:

1. Fall festivals bring big crowds.

Along with the changing weather and color of the leaves, the fall brings with it fall festival season. Many towns around the lake will have various fall festivals to lure visitors to their respective communities. Area festivals include the Sherman Arts Fest, Denison Fall Festival, Frontier Day in Pottsboro, the Fall der All festival in Van Alstyne and the Peanut Festival in Whitesboor.

The Lake Texoma Association has a dinner cruise as well.

2. Hunting provides recreation for all ages.

October kicks off archery season as a draw for hunters.

There are a number of public use areas that are available for hunting along the way. Popular game in the area include deer and turkeys.

For more information on Texas hunting regulations, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at https://.tpwd.texas.gov.

3. Four species of fish lure fishermen to the lake.

Lake Texoma sports four different types of fish that will attract fishermen all year. They include sharp bass, large mouth bass, catfish and crappie. A number of fishing tournaments will take place during the fall season into winter.

For more information on area fishing guides, visit http://www.LakeTexoma.com/fishing-guides.

4. Camping continues to be popular in the fall.

Burkhalter said there will be plenty of sites for camping even during the winter. She said with the cooler temperature make it more attractive for some to go camping. She said hiking will also remain popular throughout the season.

More information on hiking sites can be found on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

5. Cooler weather doesn’t deter boating

Boating remains safe and popular into the winter. While boating remains popular, Holder warns boaters with the cooler waters and air temperatures there is an increased risk of hypothermia. Boaters during the cooler seasons are encouraged to dress warmer.