Developers in Sherman are eyeing northern portions of the city as the new area for growth. Young Enterprises was previously approved for a 66-unit apartment building, but developers said long-term plans called for additional development.

The developers are currently planning a new 45-acre development along North Travis that would feature a mixture of local retail, restaurants, office space and multi-family housing along one of the city’s major corridors.

“Since we now own all the property … we are looking at this as one big mixed-use development,” Young Enterprises Engineer Daniel Worrell said Wednesday.

The development group said it will be bringing a zoning request for a portion of the project, located at the intersection of North Travis, East Northcreek and Knollwood before the City Council next week. The city approved plans for an apartment complex on adjacent land in June, as previously reported by the Herald Democrat.

“We have finally assembled all the pieces of property we need to talk directly with the city rather than with individual property owners,” Worrell said.

Between these plots, and other pieces in the area, Worrell estimated that Young has acquired about 45 acres of land for development. One of the larger portions of the land is a 10-acre plot just west of Knollwood along North Creek.

Worrell said plans call for additional development to fill out the larger plot and make it into a walkable campus-style area. Developers have spoken to city officials about including some green space and a pocket park in the development. The idea brought an enthusiastic response from the Parks and Recreation department, but Worrell noted it was still early in the development.

“Long term, I’d love to see a mixture of retail, residential, office and green space there,” he said.

The development of the apartment building will also see public improvements to the area. Worrell said Hilre Drive, which borders along the north, will be extended to intersect North Travis to allow an entrance on the northern side of the development.

This will allow the abandonment of the intersection of Knollwood and Travis and three stop signs that occur within 30 feet of each other.

Young Enterprises has been courting local retailers and businesses for the other portions of the development, but Worrell said it is too early to announce and concrete plans. He noted that smaller, neighborhood businesses ranging from restaurants to boutiques would likely be the best fit.

Worrell said he believes the area has the traffic to support the retail development, but only time would tell. North Creek sees enough traffic, especially coming from the Sherman Town Center, that the Texas Department of Transportation has considered putting in a traffic signal at the intersection.

“That tells me there is a lot of traffic there,” he said. “If that translated to retail sales, I don’t know.”

The apartment building is expected to break ground some time in late 2019 or early 2020, with a construction phase of about 15 months.