With the Designing Downtown Denison construction getting closer, the city is preparing an informational packet to send to business owners in advance of the pending changes.

Denison Main Street Director Donna Dow prepared an information packet she called the “D3 Survival Guide” to be distributed to businesses in the area to be affected. She said she will be sending those out to businesses shortly.

“Denison’s Main Street department is encouraging businesses to ensure their back doors identify their business to make it easier for customers to find them,” Dow said. “Some have already have identification. Some don’t. The city is working with them to ensure each business does. The city is also working to make sure all the alleys are well lit.”

The project is a multi-faceted, multi-year renovation that will see a complete revamp of the entire Main Street corridor in the city. Ahead of the large construction project, phase one is set to begin shortly.

The city has already completed much work on its “alley activation” initiative. That initiative began with the city renaming the alleys in the downtown district while encouraging artists to paint murals along the side of various buildings. It has also included artist paintings on several of the city’s dumpsters. All of that work is to make those alleys more attractive to the customers who will soon be utilizing them when visiting businesses in the construction zone.

Phase One of D3 will go east on Main Street to the railroad station and west to Rusk Street and will include the parking lots along Chestnut Street.

In the mean time, the city will be working with business owners to help them get the entrance ways to the various businesses in line with the project. The emphasis will be on ensuring the entrances in the alleys have visible signage that indicates the name of the business with good lighting.

The city will also be encouraging businesses to embrace the theme of the alley behind their respective businesses. The 100 block of East Main Street near the Denison Police Department is identified as Depot Alley. The 300 Block of West Main street near City H all is Music Alley. The 400 block near Rugs & Stuff is Saints Alley, and the 500 block near Main Street Mall is Firehouse Alley.

Pre-qualification construction bids are set to begin in November. The city will be holding a public meeting in November to address concerns stakeholders might have.

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