The weather might not have screamed fall for the folks who filled Friendship Park in Pottsboro Saturday, but there were plenty of other signs of the season at hand.

Pumpkins, real and otherwise, decorated booths, clothing, candles and anything else that could be held still long enough for one to be attached took part in the city’s annual Frontier Day Festival. The smell of fall or fair food wafted around in the thick air that caught the slight breeze that made its way down through the dozens of booths and out to the small midway where children squealed with delight on rides big and small.

Organizer Deb Hass said in an interview earlier this month that the whole town practically had come together to make sure that this year’s edition of the hometown festival would be the best ever. And from the parade to the memorial wall to the midway, smiles filled the faces of those who gathered.

One of the people gathered was Rustyn Sample who stopped at a giant slide with Tristyn Sample. Rustyn said they come to the event every year because it is in their neighborhood, but this year there seemed to be more to do.

And, there was in a lot of ways.

Across the park from the rides, smaller farm animals held court with smaller humans at the petting zoo. Calves, miniature horses, fuzzy chickens, and a donkey awaited the kids who broke away from the midway long enough to stop by.

Dayla Johnson said she was surprised at everything the festival offered for children.

“I love this one,” she said of the festival. “My mom has a booth here and brother has a booth here and we came to look at everything else and find things for him (her one=year-old son) to do.”

Sonya Chandler’s booth, Small Town Girls, was one of many that featured clothes and accessories. She said this was her first year to be at the Pottsboro festival.

“We heard it was a good one so we decided to try it out,” she said. She said they were happy with the turnout.

While many people concentrated on finding the perfect turkey leg or bug to eat. The bug eating contest if a favorite activity at the festival, some folks just wanted to walk their dogs or greet lots of dogs.

Twalla Grant with Tailwaggers Country Inn was in the latter group.

“We just want to pet as many dogs as we can,” she joked and said they really wanted to make sure that all of the dog owners in the area know about the kennel and doggy daycare facility that is located in Van Alstyne.

“We just wanted to show our support and there’s a ton of people here,” she said.