The city of Sherman has awarded a $741,000 contract to extend water services along East Fallon Drive has been awarded by Sherman. Amid growing industrial demand, the City Council voted this month to approve a contract with Vessels Construction to extend water and sewer services alongside an ongoing project to extend and expand the roadway into a 44-foot-wide street with curb and gutters.

Earlier this year, the city announced plans to extend Fallon Drive south by about 520 feet to intersect with Dripping Springs.

“This is just the next step in the city's vision for that part of the city,” Community and Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said.

The extension was needed to serve a new 170,000 square-foot facility being built by Modular Power Solutions as their second facility in Sherman.

The new water line is expected to continue along the route of the new roadway.

The city received six responses to a request for proposals for the project, with Vessels coming in as the low bid with $741,254. By comparison, the high bid of $1.83 million was submitted by Joe Funk Construction.

The city is considering splitting the cost for the project with the Sherman Economic Development Corp., who have previously supported public works improvements in high industry portions of the city. However, the percentage of the project that will be financed by SEDCO and other details have not been finalized, and no agreement has been approved by the board of directors, Strauch said.

SEDCO President Kent Sharp said there has been some recent interest in industrial land along Fallon, but has no details as the industrial park is privately held. Sharp said the project would provide water not only to the new MPS site, but also to any other industrial users that build in the area.

The water project is expected to kick off by Nov. 1 and will be completed some time in the early spring.