The Grayson College Board of Trustees is considering naming Jackie Butler a professor emeritus. Tuesday during the board’s meeting, the group will consider a resolution recognizing Butler, a former professor of biology for her years serving the students at GC.

The board is also going to hear reports from department heads.

Here are three things to know about the meeting.

1. Campus security is a continued topic.

The board will hear a report on the crime statistics for the college. There will be a definition of campus policies and procedures on criminal activity and public safety given to the board. Included in that report will be statistics of crimes and emergencies that have taken place on the campus over the last year.

2. Grayson College foundation financial update.

The GC Foundation will provide a report to the board of directors on its August activity. The report indicates the foundation raised $1,040,672 for the month of August. The foundation has received $$2,985,541 total in gifts as of Aug. 31, 2019. The foundation exceeded its goal by over 328 percent.

3. Business office report.

Vice President Giles Brown is slated to present the business office report to the board. The report will feature an update on the college’s finances for the 12 month period ending Aug. 31. The report will show the expenditures and revenue of the college for the previous year. The report to be presented is labeled preliminary as some financial transactions have yet to be finalized.