Denison is continuing to face steady growth as the city continues to issue a steady stream of building permits.

Here are five things to know about Denison’s growth according to the city.

1. New homes continue to be in demand

659,983.00 total square footage with an average of 2,199.94 square feet. The total value of the projects was $54,809,858.50 with an average of $182,699.53. A total of 302 residential permits were issued from Jan. 1 2018 to Sept. 1 2019.

Out of that number, 160 were issued in 2018, with 143 issued as of Sept. 1 2019.

2. Commercial permits are on track to match last year

For new commercial buildings the city issued a total of 18 permits during the same time. 11 of those were issued during 2018 with 7 issued in 2019 as of Sept. 1.

The total value of those buildings was $45,853,488.76 with an average of 2,547,416.04. The total square footage for the time period was 283,714 with an average being 5,761.89 square feet.

There were 73 permits issued that fell under the category of add, alter or repair. Those total $18,697,395.86 on an average of $256,128.71. There was a total of 32,192.00 square feet permitted with the average being 440.99 square feet.

The city issued a total of $$231,083.32 worth of commercial permit fees during the time.

3. The city is making room for new

The city completed a total of 47 demolitions during the reported time frame. 29 of those were ordered during the span while the remaining were carried out following orders previously issued.

4. The city is seeking innovative ways to attract businesses

The City Council recently passed a number of zoning changes to facilitate additional growth in the city.

One of those changes will allow for cabinet shops and upholstery makers with a minimum of 10 percent retail space to open shop in commercial zones. The city also added definitions for travel center as a means of luring more modern business in the convenience store market.

5. Downtown continues to be a hub for the city

The city continues to concentrate efforts on revitalizing the Historic Downtown District.

The city has recently authorized incentives in an attempt to spur additional development of vacant lots in the downtown area. This comes along side several existing programs to support businesses currently in operation in the district. The city also has begun allowing modern, chain restaurants in the traditionally local historic district.

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