The Durant Police Department recently announced it has extended its Warrant Amnesty Program through the end of the September.

The program will run through Oct. 1 and until that date people with outstanding, active city warrants — those who have failed to appear at their issued court date, or have not paid fines owed due to citations issued — will be able to go to the Durant Municipal Court Clerk’s Office and either pay their fines or set up a payment plan.

“The City of Durant Warrant Amnesty Program has been a great success,” the department said in a press release announcing the program’s extension. “Many people have already taken advantage of the program, and saved money at the same time.”

In doing this, violators will not be charged a warrant fee. After Oct. 1, the Durant Police Department will begin an aggressive warrant round-up program. Durant Police officers will use “any and all means available” to track those with outstanding warrants and make arrests.

“Don’t be caught with an outstanding warrant,” the department press release states. “On Oct. 1st the amnesty program will end! Clear your name NOW, so the Durant Police Department won’t come looking for you on the 2nd.”

An updated warrant list, which clocks in at 44 pages, has been posted on the city of Durant’s website at

If you, or someone you know has an active Durant municipal warrant, you can contact the Durant Court Clerk at 580-931-6646 or at City Hall, 300 West Evergreen, and pay your fines, or make the appropriate arrangements.