Grayson County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the GC Sheriff’s Office to keep the same fee structure for 2020 that they had for 2019. That means fees at the SO won’t be going up.

The GCSO charges fees for the service of things like subpoenas, summons, writ of attachments, writs of garnishments, writ of sequestration, orders of sale, writs of possession, forcible detainer, smalls claim citation, justice court citation, writs of execution, trustee sales, sheriff’s sales, and others.

The fees range from $5 for copies of photos or videos to $200 for writs of execution or retrieval.

“So the taxes are being cut and the fees are staying constant,”said Grayson County Judge Bill Magers as GCSO Captain Sarah Bigham introduced the fee structure.

Bigham said she had spoken with each of the constables in the county and they all agreed to leaving the fees the same as they had been last year.

Commissioner Phyllis James moved that the approve the fee structure and Commissioner David Whitlock seconded it. No one voted against the decision.