Region 10 Education Service Center is seeking to enter into a purchasing agreement with the Denison Independent School District. The Denison ISD Board of Trustees is set to vote on an agreement that would authorize the district to purchase products or services in a non-competitive environment at the group’s Tuesday meeting..

Denison ISD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Randy Reid said the agreement essentially allows the district to continue doing business with Region 10.

“The service centers are there to provide efficiency to us that is the reason to offer this agreement,” Reid said. “We had a contract with them for different services for them to provide. It is to help school districts operate more efficiently and economically.”

Reid said Region 10 provides a host of services to the district ranging from technology to training and everything in-between.

“The agreement shall allow Denison ISD to purchase products or services by purchase order, contract, agreement or other appropriate legal method from ESC Region 10 and allow Denison ISD to join ESC region 10 sponsored purchasing cooperatives in order to purchase products or services from vendors which have been properly awarded contracts through statutorily authorized methods,” the contract reads.

Reid said the Texas Education Agency is requiring Region 10 to seek an agreement with local district’s in order to be able to provide those services. The service centers are state-run agencies that exist to provide support for local districts.

“It doesn’t change how we look at our contracts,” Reid said. “The state wanted them (Region 10) to get approval from TEA for how they are doing business. Because they are asking for that approval we have to agree to that in order to continue to do business with them.”

Reid said the agreement will allow the service center to offer products, goods and services without having to go through the open bidding process.