The Greater Texoma Utility Authority is seeking a way to run water directly from the North Texas Municipal Water District to this area while bypassing the city of McKinney for the purpose.

The GTUA currently has $653,223.11 available for the construction of this project after the sale of the easements according to documents provided to the board of directors. The GTUA opened bids for the project on Sept. 5 this year.

The GTUA board of directors held a meeting Monday afternoon to approve a change order that would make alterations to a proposed pipe that is going to bring water from the NTMWD to the GTUA water supply directly instead of going through the city of McKinney as it currently does. The change order was sent out for bids for the previously approved plan that moves the route of the pipe and makes some other amendments to the project in an effort to keep long term costs down to the member cities.

GTUA General Manager Drew Satterwite said the changes will eventually even things out for the member cities so they are paying a proportional amount of for the water delivered through the project.

The project is to connect an 84 feet transmission line that runs within 500 feet of the GTUA’s Collin-Grayson Municipal Alliance pump station. The GTUA received the funding through the sale of easements on behalf of the member cities in 2006.

The alteration to the plans removed an emergency interconnect with the city of McKinney in order to simplify the project. The change order was estimated to have reduced the cost of the contract by $120,000 from the original bid.

The low bid was submitted by Dickerson Construction in the amount of 721,005.00. Satterwite said Dickerson is a reputable contractor in the region with the necessary experience to construct the project and the board approved the change order.