In celebrating the completion of the new Student Success Center and Student Affairs Building, Grayson College administration hosted a number of community members at an open house last week.

The event welcomed about 50 individuals from around the Grayson County community in attendance, and several people signed their names on one of the walls of the board room where the event took place.

Grayson College Board Chairman Ronnie Cole said the community can be proud of the new building as it not only was designed with state-of-the-art architecture but was also created without a bond relying instead on reserve funds.

“Welcome to the new Student Success Center,” Cole said. “This is one of four building projects we did in the last two to three years. Among them is the new 99 bedroom dormitory. The other one is the distillery that was just completed. We are about to begin operation. The other is our Advanced Manufacturing lab. This is the fourth piece and the last piece we are going to be doing for a while until we start addressing another campus.”

Cole also said the board is extremely proud of the community for supporting the college.

“We’re going to try to keep it up on your behalf,” he continued.

Another aspect of the renovations was updates to the old administration building.

The Math Hub will be relocated to the new building, creating a more cohesive learning environment for Mathematics students who currently have to travel across campus for tutoring and other resources.

At the reception Thursday Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen said he always enjoyed getting to know students on the walk to the previous testing facility but recognized it would be beneficial to have it close to the student center.