Texoma residents will endure one more day of triple-digit-like heat this week before relief arrives late Wednesday with slightly cooler temperatures and rain chances.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth has forecast a high of 95 degrees for Tuesday, but the combination of relatively high humidity and sunshine will make conditions feel as hot as 101 degrees.

“This is typically the time of year that we start to cool down, but unfortunately we’re in a slightly anomalous pattern with regard to temperatures,” NWS Meteorologist Lamont Bain said Monday. “A ridge of high pressure over the area has largely been in control and a lot of the cooler air really just hasn’t made it this far south.”

Conditions will begin to change midweek as a low-pressure system and tropical moisture make their way up from the Gulf Coast.

“It should continue to slide to the west over the next 24-30 hours and what that means for North Texas is a slow increase in moisture,” Bain said. “That’s going to result in increased cloud cover as well as increased rain chances.”

A 20 percent chance for showers and storms will develop late Wednesday. Rain chances jump to 40 percent on Thursday and Friday, but Bain said the atmospheric ingredients in place will not be favorable for severe weather.

Temperatures are set to fall, and Wednesday’s high is expected to reach 93 degrees, while Thursday and Friday’s daytime highs will fall to 91 and 88 degrees, respectively. Overnight lows will dip into 70s.

“We’ll be cooler, technically, and closer to normal temperatures, but the normal high is still right around 90 degrees,” Bain said.

Rain chances will dissipate and mostly sunny skies will return in time for the weekend. Saturday’s and Sunday’s high are expected to hold around the 90-degree mark. Bain said conditions may well remain warm through the rest of September, but forecasts will hopefully begin to reflect the arrival of fall soon after.

“As we reach the later part of the month and certainly into October, we typically see an increase in the frequency of cold fronts that make it into our area,” Bain said. ” By early October we should start to see some relief.”

Drew Smith is reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at asmith@heralddemocrat.com.