The scoreboard doesn’t tell the whole story of the Caddo Bruins football team’s week one loss to the Wilson Eagles.

While the 58-16 final score looks like it was a fairly one-sided contest, stats show the Bruins controlled the ball for nearly nine minutes longer than Wilson High and were pretty close to even on penalty yards — Caddo’s 55 to Wilson’s 60.

And then there were the injuries that changed head coach Jeremy Proctor’s strategy for the second half of the contest.

“I thought we controlled the line of scrimmage well in the first half, but some injuries in the second half forced us to change up some personnel,” Proctor said via email. “And they hit us on some big plays that we just couldn’t come back from.”

The Bruins defense held Wilson to just six points in the first quarter, but the Caddo offense didn’t put up points until the second quarter. That was the Eagles biggest quarter of the game, as Wilson scored 32 to Caddo’s 16 to take a 38-16 lead into halftime.

“The two touchdowns we had came from sophomore running back Hunter Speers,” Proctor said. “He scored on an inside run from about 69 yards out (for the Bruins’ first score of the game).”

Colby Henson added two more points on the conversion when he picked up a fumbled snap and ran it in,” Proctor explained. Speers later returned a kickoff for the Bruins second score of the game and sophomore Eli McKimmy scored the two point conversion on a reverse.

Those would be the last points Caddo scored, as the Eagles put up 12 points in the third quarter and eight more in the fourth to take the 58-16 win.

“We’ve stressed to fix the little things that are hurting us,” Proctor said of what the team’s been working on for future games. “(Those include) false starts on offense, turnovers, just some of the miss communication issues that come with the first weeks of the season.”

The Bruins played their first home game of the season on Friday against Dewar High, but that game was after press time for this issue. Caddo will be back in action this Friday, Sept. 20 with the school’s Homecoming game against Thackerville High. The Wildcats were one of the two teams who fell to the Bruins last year.

“Thackerville doesn’t have a lot of players out, but they still always play good football,” Proctor said. “We are having a parade on Thursday the 19th that will start at the school and go to downtown Caddo. We have a great support here and school spirit, so I’m glad to see that.”

Though the season didn’t start quite the way Proctor or the Bruins would have liked it to go, the Caddo High head coach is confident the team will improve as the season continues.

“We will continue to get better, but we also have to stay healthy,” Proctor said. “We don’t have a lot of depth in some key positions so everyone has to be on their best game from here on out.”