The Hobo Joe’s coming to Denison is going to sport a look more inline with the existing Madill, Oklahoma location.The restaurant owners recently received an updated site plan for the restaurant, to be located at 3023 Loy Lake Road.

The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved the original site plan in April this year, but since then, the restaurant has undergone some changes requiring a return to P&Z for approval.

Denison Planner Bill Medina said the most significant changes are to the exterior facade and the slope of the roof.

“They are changing the siding material,” Medina said. “They have a higher pitched roof changed from a flat roof. Our Public Works department has determined they need to move their dumpster around. We made some tweaks to their plan while we had them here. They still meet all landscape and parking requirements.”

Commissioner Matthew Looney asked about the changes to the material, and Medina told the commissioners the owner was trying to make it look similar to the location in Madil saying the changes were in line with the brand.

In April, it was reported the restaurant will include a wood-fire pizza oven as a feature. The restaurant is expected to begin construction soon, and the projected opening date is early 2020.

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