Another restaurant took the early steps towards moving into Denison Tuesday. The Denison Planning and Zoning Commission approved a zoning change that would allow a two-story building to be constructed that would house a restaurant on the main floor with loft housing on the second floor.

The building is located at 701. W. Chestnut across the street from the Denison Fire Station. The commissioners approved the zone change from commercial to central area in order to accommodate the request.

Jeff Bateman raised issues over parking for the proposed location.

“I don’t know that I am against it or for it,” Bateman said. “I am concerned about it being a commercial property for the parking. I don’t know if they have enough parking to allow a restaurant and the residence right there. If it is commercial property, a restaurant is going to attract people, where are they going to park?”

Bateman was also concerned with the amount of traffic it was going to bring to the street.

Denison Planner Bill Medina said that there hadn’t been any site plan submitted to the city at this time as it was only a zoning change. He also said a property zoned for central area would be allowed to use on-street parking.

Bateman brought up the building between his and the empty lot being discussed saying that building was supposed to be demolished but wasn’t. He was concerned with the multi-family building not being maintained properly, and he was asserting his concern was over the ability to maintain the new building that was being proposed.

“Central area does not require off street parking,” Denison City Manager Jud Rex said. “Really it is meant for a downtown area like Main Street and downtown Denison. We have a number of restaurants downtown that don’t have parking. The point of having a central-area zone is so you don’t have a bunch of parking lots. You end up with people and buildings instead of cars and parking lots.”

The commissioner approved the zoning change and it will be sent to the city council for final approval.

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