With schools back to full operation this fall there are a large number of children of all ages riding school buses and bus safety is on the forefront of parent’s minds.

Sherman Independent School District gave tips to keep children safe.

Here are a five safety notes to ensure a child is riding the school bus properly.

1. Keep a safe distance

The recommended distance to stand at the bus stop is 10 feet from the curb. It is also recommended to arrive before the scheduled pick up time.

2. Remain visible at all times

When crossing the street in front of the bus children should also remain 10 feet in front of the bus to ensure the driver can see them clearly.

Never walk behind the bus at any time and if a child drops something beneath the bus they should bring it to the attention of the driver never crawl under a bus even if it is parked.

3. Use the safety rails

When entering or exiting the bus use the handrails. Wait until the buss has come to a complete stop to get on board. Be sure to have backpacks and other items in place when entering and exiting the bus.

4. Remain seated

While on the bus it is important to remain seated properly. If the seat has seat belts it is important to utilize them. Stay seated while the bus is driving and wait until it has come to a complete stop before standing to unload. It is also important to keep hands and feet as well as personal belongings out of the aisle

5. Follow directions

The bus driver will often intercede if there is a conflict. The students should heed any warnings the diver issues and avoid conflict with other students. If there are issues with other students they should be reported to the school administration according to district policy.