A Denison teenager’s tantrum over soda ended with a visit from police, an alleged offense against grandma, and a trip to jail last week.

Lt. Mike Eppler said officers responded to a reported disturbance Aug. 29 in the 900 block of West Thatcher Street. shortly after 10 p.m..

“The complainant called in and said she was having trouble with her 17-year-old grandson,” Eppler said Tuesday. “He was upset because there were no sodas in the house. So she called us and he got really belligerent with the officers.”

No injuries were reported, but Eppler said officers learned that, prior to their arrival, the teen had allegedly prevented his grandmother from trying to leave the residence — a criminal offense.

“We arrested him for unlawful restraint,” Eppler said. “Then, of course, he resisted during the process, so he was hit with a resisting arrest or transport charge, too.”

Eppler commended the grandmother’s attempts to leave the residence and encouraged members of the public to call police anytime they believe a domestic situation is becoming out of control.

Drew Smith is the crime and emergency reporter for the Herald Democrat. Contact him at asmith@heralddeomcrat.com.