Grayson College this week decided to honor a former instructor in a big way. College trustees voted to rename the college’s Health Sciences Building the Mary Moses Center for Health Sciences.

Dr. Mary Moses retired from the Grayson College Board of Trustees in 2012. She was first elected to board in 1993 after she retired as the dean of health sciences. She was a champion of the nursing program both on and off the board of trustees.

“In this, the 50th year of the nursing program, it was an obvious choice to honor the legacy of Moses through the naming of the facility,” said President Jeremy McMillen. “Over the years, she has continued to be involved with the college by mentoring our current Director of Nursing and serving on our Board of Trustees. As the founder of the the program, she is the reason we can serve the community in such a comprehensive way. We are excited that her legacy will continue to live on with our faculty, students and now this facility.”

Grayson Associate Degree Nursing Professor Marty Richardson was one of Moses’ students and said Moses was with the nursing school at Grayson for 27 years.

Moses started her nursing career with a diploma from Providence Hospital School of Nursing in Waco. She then worked as a staff nurse at St. Vincent’s and Wilson N. Jones Hospital. She then enrolled at Texas Women’s University in Denton and eventually earned her bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degrees.

In 1965, she helped with the very beginnings of Grayson College’s nursing program by serving as the coordinator for the Vocational Nursing Program.

“”She actually created the whole program,” Richardson said of Moses. “She had done all of the research on how to put together an associate degree nursing program, but at that time, she only had her bachelors (degree).”

Richardson said that the Texas State Board of Nursing told Moses that she would have to have a master’s degree to be the director of the school she wanted to create and voted her idea down.

That, however, didn’t stop Moses, Richardson said.

“She called a buddy of hers who had a master’s degree,” Richardson said.

That person turned out to be Mary Harin, who agreed to come on board as the director and the rest was history.

Moses eventually earned both her masters and her doctorate became the first dean of health sciences at Grayson College.

As an instructor, Richardson said, Moses was great. “Everybody loved her. Most of us were kind of scared of her.”

The honor of naming the school after Moses, Richardson said, is well deserved.

“She is just so smart and a wonderful lady,” Richardson said.