Denison’s rental registration program continues to be on the minds of citizens as the city gathers information on the proposed program with a task force to hash out the details meeting with city officials. It was first brought up in a budget workshop of the Denison city council back in April, and since then the city has received a lot of feedback from the community on the proposal.

In June the city held a public forum to receive comments from the residents of the city. A large number of the individuals who spoke at that meeting were property owners. There were a number of concerns raised how it would impact rental rates in the city. Since then the a task force was formed made up of a number of citizens and representatives from the city to discuss the concerns.

With a decision about the matter to come soon, Denison City Manger Jud Rex said the task force will have more meetings before the city brings the item back to the public for further input.

“We put together a stake holders committee that represents property owners, managers, and concerned citizens,” Rex said. “A group of about a dozen was put together. They have met once and we plan to meet again this week. We’re diving into the issue, looking at the proposal to make it a sustainable program that will work for property owners and tenants.”

Rex said property owners felt the program as presented was heavy handed towards it favoring tenants more, and the city now has a better understanding of how the rental business works in Denison.

“One of our goals is to create a program that will address solutions for both sides of the equation,” Rex said. “We’re hoping to keep them engaged. Once we come far enough with the group and have enough information we will have another community forum to get input from the public. We’re taking our time we want to make sure we get it right.”

Rex said the city’s biggest concern is maintaining the vision to provide quality housing for all income levels. He said that goal is what is driving the need for the program.

“If we engage the community we will come up with a goal and address the needs of property owners and tenants of Denison,” Rex said. “Right now the city is taking its time to get it right. We will probably have a couple more meetings with the stakeholder group before we bring a revived program to the public. We’re looking to do that by the end of the year.”

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