The city of Sherman will see some cost savings on recent repairs to one of its water towers. The city recently moved to modify its contract with American Suncraft Company for repairs at the Fairview Elevated tank to reflect $5,415 of savings to the city on the $938,000 contract.

The city started the repairs to the tank at the beginning and finish the project in July. City officials said the repairs were routine maintenance but also included work to extend the life on the aging tank, which was put into serve about 65 years ago in the 1950s.

The recent change order was the first for the project, but included several minor changes to the scope of work that resulted in a reduction in price.

The scope of the project was increased when it was determined that 128 hours of additional welding work was needed to correct corrosion pits, resulting in a $12,160 increase to the project cost. This was offset by $17,575 of structural repairs included in the initial bid that were not needed.

The Fairview tank represents the most recent repair to the city’s water storage infrastructure. In early 2018, the city completed work on the Dillingham and Harrison water towers in late 2017 and early 2018. The water tank that will see improvement will be a ground storage tank on Ida road followed by facilities on Rex Cruse and Shepherd Drive.